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  • Jade Roller Face Massager Set
  • Jade Roller Face Massager Set
  • Jade Roller Face Massager Set
  • Jade Roller Face Massager Set
  • Jade Roller Face Massager Set


  • It can be used for hair combing, face, body, limbs and other parts scraping massage.
  • Transparent jade texture, warm and comfortable, easy to use, crystal clear, thick and round.
  • Easy to carry, more comfortable to massage without deformation.
  • Improve facial blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, delay aging, and be beautiful and healthy.
  • Made of natural jade, fitness and body, health care, body massage.

This product is a set of tools. Scraping is a traditional Chinese massage method. repeatedly scraping the skin with a scraping board, make the skin become expansion and contraction. Thus, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism to make your skin tissue more elastic.

How To Use+

- Color: Green.
- Size: 15. 70X5. 80X3. 00cm/ 6. 17X2. 28X1. 18inch.
- Material: Jade.

Package Including
1 scraper board
2 facial rollers

About Us+

We envision a wellness approach of immune system supportive self care. We imagine a world where everyone has time to self care luxuriously. We believe in detox beauty, ethical sourcing, expert craftsmanship, and a focus on educating people about the benefits of lymphatic drainage and living a clean lifestyle- starting with their facial care.We believe in wisdom through the ages. Our mission is to elevate wellness routines by bringing the best in ancient technologies + wholistic skincare.

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Jade Roller Face Massager Set
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